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Wearable Hands-Free Rechargable Wireless Wan - 3 speeds

Wearable Hands-Free Rechargable Wireless Wan - 3 speeds

Introducing the SPICE OF LIFE’s “W Fan”, a wearable, dual-headed fan. Unlike hand-held fans, the W Fan sits comfortably around your neck and is hands-free! The fan operates with a lithium battery and is designed with two (2) adjustable, 5-bladed fans (designed by our in-house creative team) to produce a more concentrated and powerful air flow. Simply place the flexible-neck band around your neck and adjust the two (2) fans to where the cool air is needed. Weighing only 4.8 oz., the W Fan is easy-to-wear for extended periods and provides a constant cooling breeze. The three (3) settings of low, medium and high allow you to control the strength of the air flow. It’s ideal for work or play…indoors or out. It's perfect for hot flashes!